13 September 2019

Juvenia and NHRK team up!

Juvenia Kraków is currently one of the leading Polish rugby clubs in youth, women and senior competitions. However, we must not forget that there is a […]
13 September 2019

For the President’s Cup!

Not everyone can win the President’s Cup and not everyone can play for it. The Krakow Sevens tournament has a great partner, which is the City […]
17 February 2019

Krakow – a place to visit!

Krakow is a fantastic place to be and to play rugby. During Krakow Sevens you will for sure experience some memorable sporting moments. Although it is […]
17 February 2019

Hello World! Krakow speaking!

Rugby has the power to make friendships all around the world. If you are a rugby player or rugby fan, everywhere you go, you will find […]